My Work

Planetary Visor - Research

Planetary Visor is one of the projects I lead as a research student at Meteor Studio. Visor is a scientific tool to visualize orbital and ground data around NASA's Curiosity rover's traverse in Gale Crater on Mars. I oversee the development and direction of this project, read relevant literature surrounding the topic of immersive scientific visualization, and write papers for its submission to engineering conferences.

Musical Raspberry Pi

I created a musical composition out of sounds curated in Java with the help of the Happy Brackets toolkit. I made use of the accelerometer on the Raspberry Pi hat to control which pattern to play.


Hexx is an interactive installation that seeks to unite the audience with a live electronic set. We set up motion tracking inside of the structure and we string that data through a script that I made in Max for Live. The motion is then an instrument or audio effect of choice for the musician. It can be plugged into Ableton Live for multiple uses.

Cake AR

This is a multiplayer iOS game that I made in mobile development class. The goal is to catch more cake than the other player. It was recognized at the Digital Culture Showcase in Spring 2019.

Timeline Installation

I made an interactive timeline to show my home videos from when I was one year old to present. When I got older, the videos transitioned to experiences I recorded, rather than someone recording me. The pillows have sensors in them that allow me to traverse through the videos when I tap them.

Video Editing

In film editing class, we had to make a documentary of ourselves. I thought my awkward dances would speak louder than words. It was recognized as one of the top films in class.


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About Me

I graduated from Arizona State University in December 2019 with a B.S. in Digital Culture, Media Processing. I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Media Arts and Sciences at ASU. I am passionate about creative technology and always find ways to integrate my imagination with the project at hand.

In my spare time, I love to make mini Unity projects and collab with 3D artists to make Snapchat lenses. If you scan the Snapcode above, you will be entertained by a 3D version of me. My hobbies away from the computer include: hiking, snowboarding, traveling and teaching yoga.


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