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I am a PhD candidate in the School of Arts, Media and Engineering at Arizona State University. Born and raised in Plano, Texas, I made my way out to Arizona to complete my undergraduate degree. While doing my undergraduate work at Arizona State, I joined the Meteor Studio Research lab, which specializes in mobile, experiential technology. In the early stages of my graduate work, I fell in love with Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences. Despite its name, the Meteor Studio has nothing to do with space. However, I had the pleasure of working on a cross-disciplinary VR project whose goal was to visualize data collected by NASA instruments on Mars. Soon after presenting this work at a conference, I found myself collaborating with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to design and build immersive tools for visualizing data to support Mars Mission Operations and Robotics teams.

Outside of work, you can find me practicing mauy thai or teaching a yoga class. In my spare time, I like to cook, drink margaritas, play multi-user VR games, and root for the Dallas Mavericks basketball team.


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Tempe, AZ